Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Take the Video Challenge

Let's get some entries for your hometown library. Do you think you would be good at advertising--try your hand at promoting the Summer Reading Program You Are Here
with a 30-90 second video. Use our cameras and computer to film and edit your promotion. Use our optional audio files or explore the resource link for art and music ideas in the public domain. You could win $250 and $100 for your library. The winner will be notified April 2011. You need to use the CSLP slogan You Are Here to convey the idea of teens as a part of a diverse country and world where all are unique and important. Promote the idea of using public libraries to learn about ourselves and the world. Promote the fun of reading

Video's will be judged on Creativity, Message clarity and relevance, Motivation and inspiration and overall impact

So join us and enjoy the challenge.

February 19th at 2 pm. or follow the rules and enter on your own.

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