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Any reader ages 12 to 18, in the New Milford area can participate in this project. Galley books are available in the Youth Department. You'll find a Teen Review form on the right top of this blog. Review forms can also be picked up in the Youth Department For helpful information on writing reviews, you might want to check out our tip sheet "Points to Ponder."

Copy the review form and fill it out. Either post it to COMMENTS or bring it to the library, children's department. Have Fun!!

Have you read a good book or seen a great video and want others to know about it?

Want others to avoid a really BAD one?

Found a cool web site?

Please fill quick and easy review form and add to your comments or print and give to the New Milford Public Library Youth Department staff.

Fill out and submit this teen review form and we will share on our website.

Be honest. You do not have to like the book! Do not use profanity or other inappropriate language.

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5 P - Everyone will want to know about this
4 P - This will be popular with most teens
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