Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Light Princess

A king and queen, after some time, have a daughter. The king invites everyone to the christening, except his sister Princess Makemnoit, a spiteful and sour woman. She arrives without an invitation and curses the princess to have no gravity. Whenever the princess accidentally moves up in the air, she has to be brought down, and the wind is capable of carrying her off. As she grows, she never cries, and never can be brought to see the serious side of anything. The court philosophers, when consulted, are unable to propose any cure that the king and queen will suffer to be used.

She passionately loves swimming, and when she swims, she regains her gravity. This leads to the proposal that if she could be brought to cry, it might break the curse. But nothing can induce her to cry.

A prince from another country sets out to find a wife, but finds fault in every princess he finds. He had not intended to look at the light princess, but becoming lost in a forest, he finds the princess swimming. Thinking she is drowning, he "rescues" her, ending up with her in air, scolding him. He falls instantly in love and, at her demand, puts her back in the water, and goes swimming with her. Days pass, and the prince learns that her manner is changed between the water and the land, and he can not marry her as she is on land.

Princess Makemnoit, meanwhile, discovers that the princess loves the lake and sets out to dry it up. The water is drained from the lake, the springs are stopped up, and the rain ceases. Even babies no longer cry water.

As the lake dries up, they discover that the only way to stop it was to block up the hole the water is flowing from, and the only thing that will block it is a living man, who would die in the deed. The prince volunteers, on the condition that the princess keep him company while the lake fills.

The lake fills up. When the prince has almost drowned, the princess suddenly shrieks and frantically drags his body from the lake to take it to her old nurse, who is a wise woman. They tend him through the night, and he wakes at dawn. The princess falls to the floor and cries.

After the princess masters the art of walking, she marries the prince. Princess Makemnoit's house is undermined by the waters, and falls in, drowning her. The light princess and her prince have many children, none of whom ever lose their gravity.

Thumbs down to the movie version of this book. The combination of 1980's animation and real actors could be greatly improved with the latest technology. If you like fairy tales, this might be an interesting read.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where the Red Fern Grows

Take out the tissues for this movie!! The Young Critics Club gave thumbs up to both the movie and the book. Although the movie couldn't include all of the details of the book without making it unbearably long, it kept all the important points. If you have never seen this one, and love animals, it is a must see!

Chef a la New Milford

Our creative chef's vied for the title of Chef a la New Milford on July 16th. Isabelle Morrissey with her Chinese Tower tied for first place with Curtis Makowicki and his Minty Choclit Bunana. Carly Kleinstern ran a close second for her Windmill Wonder a la mode. What a yummy time!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Competing for the title of New Milford Monopoly Champion, sixteen participants ran past go to acquire as much wealth as luck and skill would allow in New Milford Public Library's Annual Monopoly Tournament. The tournament was held on July 2, 2008. The grand prize winner was Tyler Plisko with Andre Cardenas coming in Second and Scott Thompson claiming Third Place, with participants Colm Farrell on the right and Chris Sweet on the left.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Incredible Journey

Summer is moving fast!! The Young Critics Club watched Homeward Bound Monday afternoon and compared it to the book, The Incredible Journey What a surprise!!! The movie got thumbs up as better than the book!! Although the basic plot was the same, there were many differences between the book and the movie that didn't seem to have a logical reason such as name changes for the characters.

Come join us next Monday at 1:30 to watch Where the Red Fern Grows. Books for comparing are available in the Children's room of the library. See you then!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sign up for Programs Online

Indiana Jones Moviethon was an overwhelming success!! Thanks for all who came!!

Summer programs are moving fast.

Design a Dessert has a waiting list but let us know if you are interested.

We still have room in Decorate a Bookcart. Leave your name, phone and age in comments and we will sign you up.

There is also room in Board Games Day. Same routine or call to register.
860 355 1191

Have a safe and fun summer!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Dairi Burger

What in heaven's name is a dairi burger? On a recommendation from the YALSA listserv, I visited The Dairi Burger to read about the reissue of the teen series Sweet Valley High. Enjoy Francine Pascal's books?
Check this out!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


JOIN THE FUN Come and register for our Summer Programs,for kids coming out of Grades 5 through Grades 9.

July 9th INDIANA JONES MOVIETHON Come and enjoy the first two Indiana Jones movies in time for the new release. Prizes!! Popcorn!! Enjoy a summer afternoon with friends!!

July 16th DESIGN A DESSERT Bring your creativity and your appetite. Who will be Chef a la New Milford? Waiting List

July 23 & 30 DECORATE OUR BOOKCARTS Have fun and leave your lasting legacy at the library.

August 6 BOARD GAMES Enjoy the afternoon with friends for games and food.