Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interview with Joelle Anthony of Restoring Harmony


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teen Iron Chef 2010

Everyone left the evening feeling stuffed!! With close to 20 contestants our judges were good sports having to sample so much.

We began the evening with the secret ingredient, BANANAS.

View the slideshow to see what our contestants created.

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Winners were:

Gabby Esposito First Place
Stephen Morrissey Second Place
Nadia Ostreicher Third Place


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Like Dystopias?

I have lists of Dystopias if you enjoyed: Hunger Games by Collins, Hunger by Grant, The Knife of Never Letting Go by Ness, Truancy Origins by Fukami or any of the long list of this type of books. COME IN AND CHECK IT OUT!!


CONGRATULATIONS to Lindsay Johansen for winning our first week raffle Our Tote full of goodies included Movie Tickets, courtesy of Bank Street Theater.In honor of the opening of the movie Eclipse, there was a a full book set of the Twilight series, a book on CD, a "Twilight, the movie" book, a Twilight T-shirt and keychain and many other books. Again, Congrats to Lindsay. Keep on Reading!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Truancy Origina by Isamu Fukui

Another Dystopia!!

A prequel to Truancy (2008) features 15-year-old twins Zen and Umasi, adopted sons of the notorious mayor of Education City, a dystopian metropolis where children are the product of cruel schooling. While Umasi is a model student and obedient son, when Zen discovers his father is responsible for the oppressive educational policy, he runs away to the abandoned districts to recruit homeless kids for his rebellion against city agents.

Fifteen years ago, the Mayor of the Education City was given a surprise by his superiors which he was anything but enthused about: twin six-month-old boys. The mayor had no idea that these two infants would change his city forever.

Raised in the comfort of the Mayoral mansion, Umasi and Zen are total opposites. Umasi is a good student; Zen an indifferent one. They love their adoptive father, but in a city where education is absolute, even he cannot keep them sheltered from the harsh realities of the school system. But when they discover that their father is responsible for their suffering, affection turns to bitterness. Umasi and Zen are thrust onto two diverging paths. One will try to destroy the City. The other will try to stop him.

This book is a must read for any of you dystopia lovers. It is the second in a trilogy.


Reading Next
:13 to Life by Shannon Delany

Reading Raffle Winner 2nd Week

Our second week winner is Jenny DePalma


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Circus Fun

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Thanks to the FRIENDS OF NEW MILFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY, Matica Arts taught and entertained over 20 young adults in A Circus Fun Workshop on July 14th. Enjoy the slideshows.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!

We kicked off the summer with a Sidewalk Chalk Party. See the slideshow for our creations!! When the temperature hit 100 we took the party inside finishing with Rootbeer Floats and an unplanned Talent Show. What fun!!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

101 Fun Things for Teens to Do This Summer

By Denise Witmer, About.com Guide
1. Invent a new type of pizza.
2. Make a music video.
3. Grow a tomato or sunflower plant.
4. Walk barefoot through the grass.
5. Build a sandcastle.
6. Have a wet t-shirt relay race.
7. Picnic at a local park.
8. Make the best ice cream sandwich ever.
9. Have an overnight movie marathon.
10. Play frisbee golf.
11. Have a car wash to fundraise for a club or charity.
12. Grab a blanket, spread it out in the grass and cloud watch.
13. Make a card for a friend.
14. Bike five miles.
15. Catch lightning bugs.
16. Eat the Best Banana Split ever.
17. Take a nap under a shade tree.
18. Go swimming.
19. Have a pool party.
20. Play with water balloons.
21. Make a summer tote bag out of a recycled tank top.
22. Soak in the bathtub with homemade summer bath salts.
23. Sketch a flower that is growing in your yard.
24. Bury a friend in the sand.
25. Babysit and make paper airplanes.
26. Volunteer in a community effort.
27. Go fishing.
28. Sleep in your backyard, under the stars.
29. Create a photo journal.
30. Hike a rail trail.
31. Visit the local library and sign up for the summer reading list. You could win something.
32. Swap a favorite book with a friend and read it.
33. Make a friendship bracelet and send it to your friend.
34. Write a poem
35. Write a song.
36. Write a play.
37. Start your novel.
38. Make a website.
39. Give your MySpace/Facebook page a summery look.
40. Friend someone famous on your MySpace/Facebook page.
41. Have an outdoor basketball free-throw contest.
42. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.
43. Sketch your pet.
44. Make smoothies.
45. Have a high tea, only use iced-teas.
46. Help plan the family vacation.
47. Make a root beer float.
48. Write in your journal, "My Top Ten Favorite Summertime Activities".
49. Make toe ring.
50. Paint your toe nails.
51. Make a barefoot sandal.
52. Make Hawaiian Pizza for your family dinner.
53. Paint your fingernails with bright sparkly polish.
54. Watch the sunrise.
55. Watch the sunset.
56. Get your community’s events list for the summer and attend an event.
57. Have a summer clothes fashion show.
58. Create a summer safety poster for the local library.
59. Volunteer to read to children at the library.
60. Learn to grill a hot dog.
61. Learn to grill a hamburger.
62. Learn to grill pizza crust.
63. Eat some fruit with fruit dip.
64. Make a collage out of old magazines.
65. Swing.
66. Skip stones at a lake.
67. Surf/boogey board at the beach.
68. Get a new hairdo.
69. Change something about how you wear your make-up.
70. Decide to pick up one good habit, then pick which one you’ll do.
71. Make your own popsicles.
72. Watch last year’s hot summer flick.
73. Go to this year’s hot summer flick.
74. Make a list of your favorite summertime movies in your journal.
75. Make a summer sun shaped collage out of summer fashion magazines.
76. Make a leaf t-shirt.
77. Make a earring holder out of a branch.
78. Make peach lemonade.
79. Make a CD of your favorite summertime songs.
80. Enjoy a board game marathon on your backyard picnic table or on your back porch.
81. Have a scavenger hunt.
82. Make some summer jewelry.
83. Change something in or add something to your room.(You could clean it too.)
84. Give your dog/pet a bath outside.
85. Take your dog/pet for a walk.
86. Run through a sprinkler.
87. Make a whirlpool in a kids pool or play Ice Cubes and Piggies Game.
88. Visit a flower garden and/or butterfly house.
89. Grow some lavender so you can make your own potpourri.
90. Turn up the music and dance.
91. Go stargazing.
92. Sleep until noon – once.
93. Tie-dye your bed sheets.
94. See some fireworks.
95. See a local baseball game.
96. Play mini-golf.
97. Learn how to hula-hoop.
98. Create a sidewalk mural with chalk, use a tropical theme.
99. Organize your summer sandals and flip-flops.
100. Visit a college.
101. Plan and enjoy a luau

Thursday, July 1, 2010

100 Cupboards--A Movie?

N.D. Wilson's 100 Cupboards Coming to the Big Screen
Source: ComingSoon.net June 24, 2010

Production Company Beloved Pictures has acquired rights to N.D. Wilson's children's fantasy trilogy, "100 Cupboards." The best-selling books, "100 Cupboards," "Dandelion Fire," and "The Chestnut King," were all released by Random House. The deal was negotiated by Beloved Pictures CEO Michael Ludlum and President Caleb Applegate with Aaron Rench, Wilson's Agent. They plan on producing the films in association with Rench and Wilson's film shingle, Gorilla Poet Productions.

The trilogy chronicles the incredible journeys of Henry York, who discovers that the old Kansas farmhouse he calls home harbors mysterious cupboards leading to worlds and dangers beyond his imagination. Surrounded by his quirky Uncle Frank and lovable Aunt Dotty, along with cousins Henrietta, Penelope, and Anastasia, Henry discovers his true self in the struggle against the deathless and once-imprisoned evil he has unwittingly unleashed into the worlds.

"This is truly one of the most outstanding works of fiction our company has ever had the pleasure to read," said Ludlum. "Wilson is an incredible writer with an imagination that knows no bounds. We are thrilled to help shepherd this instant classic to the screen, and believe it will garner the same type of fan loyalty and passion as other successful book-to-film brands."

Of the deal, Wilson said, "I should be nervous, handing my stories off to producers, but I'm actually thrilled. Beloved's enthusiasm for the books makes me confident that these projects are in the right hands."

Beloved Pictures is currently teaming up with Mpower Pictures on the recently announced co-production of the C.S. Lewis classic, The Great Divorce, to be adapted by N.D. Wilson.

Beloved Pictures was founded in 2007, and is managed by Michael Ludlum, Caleb Applegate, and Robert Abramoff.

Dotti Enderle
Flour Power!