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Riker's High Review

"Forty" is who Martin Stokes is known as at Rikers Island. Gone are the days of a normal life as a teenage boy, going to school, hanging out with his boys, living his life. He is a prisoner at a New York correctional facility, known by his bed number, Forty.

Martin's seemingly trivial crime has trapped himin the system for months, and he is counting down the days until his trial. On the return from a disapponting court appearance, his face is slashed with a razor, He is tortured with the fact that the scars will serve as a constant reminder of his time at Rikers. The scars will tell his story before he has a chance to.

This book is filled with vivid detail about daily life the section of the jail that houses the juvenile offenders, Sprung #3. Brutal corrections officers, unfair strip searches, prowling gangs, and a constant sense of fear and unease fill Martin's final days at Rikers. The one thing he enjoys in his present life is -- the part of the day when he is allowed to attend high school classes within the jail. For a brief time, he no longer feels like a criminal, but more like the person he was before he made his biggest mistake. His teacher, Mr. Demarco treats Martin like a student instead of a prisoner -- with respect and dignity. He gives Martin the hope that when he gets out, he WILL make something of himself.

Read this if you enjoy gritty, urban fiction with a heart. Paul Volponi makes this story seem realistic and draws you into the life of the characters.

Rating: 8 out of 10
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Casting the Sequels?

Casting the sequels for the Hunger Games.
What do you think

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Anyone Who Enjoys Mysteries

Author of THE SEER, DEAD GIRL & BURIED series

Hi Book Lovers!

Lots of good news to share! Free short story! BURIED is published! A new website!

Some of you have emailed to say you’re sad that THE SEER series ended with only six books. Well it made me sad, too. So I wrote a spinoff from THE SEER starring Thorn titled BURIED: A GOTH GIRL MYSTERY – and it just came out from Flux! I hope you enjoy a book all about Thorn with a murder mystery and new friends for Thorn. There’s a scene with Sabine, too, so you’ll learn what’s been going on with her Dominic romance.

Over on Goodreads, there’s a book-giveaway for a copy of BURIED which you can enter by clicking here:

Also there’s a FREE short story: THE DARK LIFER’S REVENGE, (formerly called SABINE MEETS DEAD GIRL) which has been rewritten and given a cover from Flux, The first chapters of BURIED, DRAGONFLY & DEAD GIRL are included in free story.
Free Nook story: Free Kindle story:

And there’s another short story about Dominic and Sabine titled PHANTOM OF THE PROM which is part of the SPIRITED anthology In this story, Sabine and Dominic have been dating and things are going well until Dominic refuses to take her to the prom which is being held at a spooky castle. I’m one of 13 authors with stories in this anthology, including Maria V. Snyder who is one of my favorite authors. It’s an ebook or paperback.

So what else am I writing? My agent is submitting a dystopian YA and also a middle-grade. I’m really hoping these books sell. But while I wait, I’m writing another GOTH GIRL MYSTERY called REAPER, with more from the Grin Reaper in BURIED who gets romantic with Thorn as they go on a road trip. I’ve written almost 100 pages so far, and if Flux won’t publish it, I’ll self-publish this book for fans like you.

Check out my newly designed website: for links to my blog, Facebook, Twitter and more. Thank you for reading my books! If you have any questions, just ask. Happy reading!
Linda Joy Singleton

Linda Joy Singleton &
Ghosts Whisper to Psychic Sabine in 6 books:THE SEER series (Flux)
SPIRITED: paranormal anthology Mar 2012 (Leap Books)
BURIED - A Goth Girl Mystery NOW OUT! (Flux)
VOYA: BURIED will have readers devouring the book until the very last page."
KIRKUS: "good-humored romp"..."quick pace with layered plotting"
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Interview with "Katniss" from the Hunger Games

If you haven't had enough Hunger Games Hype, enjoy the following link for an interview with Jennifer Lawrence who will star in the Hunger Games movie.

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New ARC by Jen Calonita

New ARC Belles by Jen Calonita Meg Cabot writes "Jen Calonita keeps it fresh and funny" Come and get it to read!! Write a review and earn a prize!!