Friday, August 27, 2010

Lies by Michael Grant

The third book in the Gone series, I was disappointed when I got to the end to find it wasn't a trilogy but an ongoing series. I am impatient to find out what happens.

An impenetrable dome has appeared over Perdido Beach taking everyone over the age of 15 away in an instant. It has been hard for those left in the FAYZ (“Fallout Alley Youth Zone). Many of the children are discovering strange mutations—the ability to fire light from hands, cancel gravity, move at superhuman speeds. The animals have begun to transform as well—snakes growing wings and coyotes being able to speak. In the beginning, there are two warring factions, the rich, troubled Coates Academy clan and the Perdido Beach kids. And then, there is the “gaiaphage” which presents itself as an evil entity.
By the time we read Lies, circumstances are at their worst. Food is more than scarce, resentment is rampant among those who are willing to lead and any pretence of stability is crumbling away. Sam is frustrated by the ineffectiveness of the new Town Council and Astrid struggles to overcome her fury when Sam keeps secrets from the Town Council. Orsay has become known as “the Prophetess” and may be everyones salvation or their demise.
This book is definitely a page turner, however, I hope the future additions won’t drag out what has the promise of an excellent series. Lies introduces us to a new group of excellent characters. It also gives readers a glimpse of what is outside the bubble. There are more deaths, more tragedies, and more desperate acts from an increasingly desperate group under Cain’s leadership.
And you didn’t really think the gaiaphage was defeated, did you? You didn’t think you’d seen the last of certain characters, did you? No. I didn’t think so.
Read this series and find out what happens next.

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