Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hunger by Michael Grant

What to do on a day when a blizzard is predicted? Hole up with your favorite book. Hurray!!
I finished reading Hunger by Michael Grant..

Michael Grant also has a website for this series at The FAYZ. (FAYZ stands for Fallout Alley Youth Zone), the subject of his GONE series.
If you try to read Hunger before reading Gone you probably will be terribly lost and will not like the series. It's a long book, 592 pages, but zips right along so you can't wait to turn the next page to find out what will happen. It's not a place you would like to live or even visit—but you can't stop reading!
Briefly, the book is about Sam Temple who was elected mayor of Perdido Beach after all of those over 15 disappeared one day. Loosely constructed order is turning into chaos as people are starving and friends are going against each other. Kids refuse to work because they can't get the concept that food is their reward. Everyone is splitting into warring groups. The normals against the “freaks”, the Coates Academy against Perdido Beach.. The monster at the bottom of the mine shaft is hungry, too, and it’s calling people to it. Chaos is rampant.
If you want to take it to a different level, you can use the book to exemplify different forms of government. Dictatorship, Capitalism etc. The book is sometimes compared to Lord of the Flies.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Fantasy/SciFi.

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