Monday, February 8, 2010

Gone by Michael Grant

Gone by Michael Grant
Michael Grant writes about a section of southern California, where everyone who is older than fifteen, disappears in an instant. Teachers in mid-lesson, those driving vehicles, those at home—Poof. The story takes place in the area of Perdido Beach which has been cut off from the rest of the world by a spherical force field, its center the nuclear plant in town.
Good does seem to fight against evil as the main character, Sam Templeton and his teenage friends, Astrid, Quinn and Edilo take charge. “Mother” Mary, a girl of fourteen takes charge of the nursery and Albert decides to keep himself busy by running the McDonalds. The private school for difficult children up on the hill, Coates Academy sends an envoy. The leader of this group is Caine who lacks compassion and enjoys his power over others.
Many of the children have special powers, which develop over the span of the novel. Sam shoots fire from his hands while Caine can levitate people with his hands. These new powers will help, because the kids of Perdido Beach will need every resource available --- the bullies of Coates Academy up on the hill have come down looking to rule their new world, and are willing to do anything to keep control and stay in power.
“Just as some find opportunity for profit, others find excuses to exercise dark desires. Martial law leads to anarchy, and Sam and his friends find themselves thrown into roles they never cared to be in, testing their friendship and moral codes. The very reason Sam avoids leadership is the same reason he turns out to be the best one for the role.”


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GoneFan~TheFAYZ said...

Hey great review.

Hope you enjoy Hunger just as much :D

I found Hunger to be better Gone and I really enjoyed Gone!

Can't wait for Lies!