Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brisngr Release Party

Come celebrate the long awaited release of Brisngr. Enter to win your very own copy.
Play games, which dragon will be yours? Enjoy dragon food, come in costume (optional) Have fun!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008
New Milford Public Library

All ages welcome!! Registration Required 860-355-1191 ext 204 or send me an email with your name, phone and age.


Anonymous said...

Sean B.,

I thought the book Brisngr was good and interesting book, but for some reason i was not totaly satisfied with the book. I think it was messing tenstion, like suspense or somthing, it had alot of promises that eragon had to fullfill and through those parts it was kinda dull moments although it did have a number of moments in the book where Rohan and Eragon had there moments of suspene.

Also it seems as if Ormis died to fast, Like he should have least won one battle, before he died on his first attempt after leaving the forest.

Ill add more to this later.

Anonymous said...

personally i thought the book took to long to get started and although it had like 748 not much happened. i though some parts were really predictable. some parts were good but if Paolini spent 748 on:
-a sword
-eragons real father
-Oromis and Glaedr dying
and other little extras then then the next book will probably be twice the size of that.
Apart form them faults though i think it had a good story line and i think the next dragon rider will be a decent from another dragon rider. :)