Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Contributions Wanted for our literary magazine "The Aura"

In June, 2011, the New Milford Public Library Creative Writing Club published their first teen literary magazine titled The Aura. We are getting ready to publish our next issue and would like to invite anyone in Grades 5-12 to send submissions to the library (vfisher@biblio.org) or bring them to Ms. Fisher in the Children’s Library. Original writing, fiction or nonfiction, as well as original artwork is welcome.

For those of you who have never read The Aura, I thought you might enjoy a bit of the magazine’s history. The Aura is a combination of several different kinds of literature and artwork submitted by students in Grades 5-12.

Our cover design is always unique, created by one of the club members. The cover always includes the Club’s Coat of Arms, designed in 2011—a joint effort by the Creative Writing Club. In the medieval ages, one may represent the kingdom that they fight for with a Coat of Arms. The first quadrant was meant to represent yourself, the second represents your history, the third depicts a skill you possess and the final is representative of where you live.

To represent the Club, Emily Mullis drew a dragon doing battle with a phoenix. The creatures represent the creative side of writing; the fighting represents the turmoil of writing--every story’s conflict and climax, every author’s churning mind.

The history quadrant is a picture of our town’s sign depicting John and Sarah Noble, founders of our town with the founding date of 1707. This sign represents the history of not only our writer’s club, but of the entire town of New Milford.

The quill pen represents our talent. Some of the best writing has come from feather pens. All of the members of our club are very talented and eager to write and publish their work.

Lastly, the picture of the New Milford Public Library is where the club meets twice a month. The library is a symbol of wisdom to the club.

The writing across the Coat of Arms says “ad finum temporum.” The club chose this quote which translates to “until the end of time.” And isn’t that what writing is all about.

Come pick up your free copy of The Aura at the end of October and enjoy the work of all of our talented artists.

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