Friday, August 3, 2012

Haunted Libraries

Did you know that there is a whole list of Haunted Libraries in the United States.

We have some that are fairly close. . .

Newtown, Cyrenius H. Booth Library. This 1932 public library was a posthumous gift to the town by benefactress Mary Elizabeth Hawley, who named it after her grandfather (a Newtown physician for 50 years) and provided a trust fund that kept it running without tax support until the early 1980s. She had a room on the top floor that she allegedly haunts, but it’s been locked since a 1998 renovation.

Bridgeport Public Library. Some library staff members say they have encountered a ghost in the 6th or 7th floor stacks near the historical materials in this 1927 building. The entity, which they have nicknamed Lola, is said to be friendly and helps find missing items. Former Director Michael A. Golrick said that something opened the garage door that the delivery van uses three times during the night of February 22–23, 2006, causing alarms to go off. A policeman who searched the building during the second alert said he heard someone “turning pages” on the 6th floor.

And who knows who lurks within the walls of NMPL?

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