Thursday, July 5, 2012

Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick

Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick It's 1910 and Sig Anderson is fifteen. He lives with his father, Einar, stepmother, Nadya and sister Anna in an isolated Scandinavian cabin deep in the Arctic Circle. Einar had been the Assay Clerk in Nome, Alaska, during the Gold Rush 10 years previous where he would check the quality of gold brought in by prospectors. After the failure of the Alaskan Gold Rush, Einar moved the family to Giron. Survival skills are top priority in the harsh enviroment. They aren't enough, however,to prevent Einar from making a mistake sending him through the ice and into freezing water. Unable to build a fire or warm himself, Einar freezes to death out on the lake where Sig finds him hours later. Nadya and Anna race into town to get what help they can. Sig is left uncomfortably alone with his father’s body until a stranger comes to the home.He says his name is Gunther Wolff, and he claims that Einar owes him fortune in stolen gold. While Sig tries to calculate his chances at retrieving his father’s old revolver before his unsuspecting sister returns and ends up captive too, he wonders if his father truly stole all that gold. This book is entertaining and a must for anyone who enjoys an adventure. It is a quick and easy read. Rating 7 out of 10 Reading Next: Unwind by Shusterman

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