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BNR @ New York Comic-Con 2011

BNR @ New York Comic-Con 2011: Halo CE, Skyward Sword, and More!
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In a plot-twist so shocking, my head still spins, I managed to go to the New York Comic-Con (NYCC). How this happened involves a wonderful librarian, an awesome family and a very friendly man working the ticket counter. As you may guess, this was a completely last minute affair, but with the help of my father I managed to obtain some awesome footage of upcoming games, along with photos and video from within Comic-Con, along with (surprise!) an interview with Jerome Jones of Robot Entertainment, the studio behind Orcs Must Die!

So what did I check out? As you may have guessed, I primarily focused on video games, and got to preview several. I started with Halo CE: Anniversary. I was greeted by a game of Slayer (team based deathmatch) and overall, it felt like the same Halo experience we all know sells, year after year. Visually, the game’s been overhauled from the original version, and while I must admit that while I haven’t played the original Halo, the other games in the series I have played feel pretty much the same as this one. Seeing as it is a remake, I wouldn’t expect much else. I am (a little) disappointed there was no Kinect at that booth, otherwise I would have had the opportunity to see how well it works with the new version. It’s quite a pity that something that’s being touted as such a big new feature was excluded!

I also took a (brief) look at Sonic Generations on the 3DS. The game is a return to its simple, side-scrolling roots, and controls rather well. The 3D effect is well used and the game is, graphically, quite appealing. Quite like Halo: CE it’s a nice update to existing gameplay.

As I made my way through the Nintendo area, I also got to try out the latest Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword. Overall, it was a similar experience to most of the other games (surprise?), but it seems that the formula still works: the game’s still fun. I got to try out a minigame that involved catching a bright yellow bird (whilst riding a bird of one’s own) and overall it felt good to control, though I couldn’t catch the bird. Blame it on the crowd, the pressure, the urge to check out more stuff, I just couldn’t catch the thing. So, I left, letting the kid behind me enjoy the game. I suspect this will be the last big release for the Wii; I can honestly say that at least with this, the system will get to go out with a bang.

I had the chance to check Wakfu, an upcoming tactical MMORPG from Square Enix. I honestly didn’t find it particularly exciting, but it still felt like a solid game, and visually it was absolutely gorgeous. The aesthetic was rather like SNES games of yesteryear (yesterdecade?) and overall it was a good game.

I got to try out Dance Central 2 (stick with us for a full review), and had the opportunity to try the new version of multiplayer that involves simultaneous two-person dancing. It was mostly the same experience as the first game, really, but was still quite an improvement. I also got to try out the Black Eyed Peas Experience from Ubisoft, and I found it a little confusing, though graphically it is quite a marvel. The digitized Black Eyed Peas were impressive, faithful replicas of their real counterparts.

I believe it’s worth noting that this was my first con, here’s hoping I see many, many more! It was… Chaotic and beautiful, and it was jam-packed with every nerd from the tri-state area! Seriously, if you can imagine every Naruto character in real life, if you can visualize cosplayers of the last seven Final Fantasy games, and if you can possibly conceive somewhere deep within your consciousness the presence of a thousand Spider-Men, Batmen, Deadpools and Wonder Women, you have the vaguest clue of what it’s like to attend NYCC! My only regret is not planning better (I would have tried to get into more previews and such) but it was a spur of the moment affair, and still an excellent experience.


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