Thursday, September 29, 2011

You kids are always so clever! by Geri Diorio

While perusing other Teen Library Blogs, Geri in Ridgefield wrote this interesting post:
"Anyway, this story was enough make me sit up, take notice, and want to share it with you! A 10 year old girl attended DefCon in Las Vegas last week and gave a great presentation. DefCon is a White Hat hackers conference, and this little girl showed how she hacked an online social game. (You know, like Farmville.) She was fed up with how slow it was, so she disconnected her phone from WiFi, sped up the phone's internal clock, reconnected to the game, and since it thought more time passed, the game played more quickly. Clever girl!"
Posted by Ridgefield Library at 9:01 PM

Thanks Geri

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