Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Iron Chef 2011

Sorry for the wait. The slideshow for Iron Chef is finally complete.
Our secret ingredient was tortilla shells. The ingredients consisted of sweet
(chocolate chips, cool whip, cookies, chocolate syrup, fruit etc) savory (nuts, torilla chips, salsa, onions) or traditional (pizza sauce, cheese, mashed potatos, onions etc)

Everyone was very creative and came up with all kinds of combinations which our judges, Amy Hambidge and Joe Russo claimed to be surprisingly tasty.

Our winners were Carly Kleinstern in First Place by a landslide with her Rocket a la Blastoff.
Amanda Corbi running for Second Place with the Sweet and Hot Pizza and
Jarod Riedl in Third Place with his Chocolate and Blueberry Surprise.

Congratulations to Everyone--you did a great job.

Now Watch Our Creations!!

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