Thursday, May 27, 2010

Science Fair at Hill and Plain Elementary

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What a great job. The Young Adult Council created three science experiments
to share with Kindergarteners through third graders and their parents.

The first experiment tested the effect of water density by using salt on the
ability of objects to float. Salt was put in water until it made the egg "light"
enough to float.

The second experiment showed the effects of an oil spill. Oil was floated on top of colored water and various objects were dropped and retrieved showing the coating of oil and the damage this would do in the wild.

The third experiment was a Milk Rainbow. Carly Kleinstern tested surfactants by floating soap on the top of milk and showing the effect by using drops of food coloring. In the cleaning process, surface tension must be reduced so water can spread and wet surfaces. Chemicals that are able to do this effectively are called surface active agents, or surfactants. They are said to make water "wetter."

The fair was a success with everyone receiving a medal for their hard work

Enjoy the slideshow of the fair above.

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