Thursday, June 11, 2009

Job Ideas for Teens

Job ideas for teens

With summer vacation almost here, many of you are looking for ways to earn money.

Baby-sitting isn’t the only job for teens. Here are some job ideas you can do this vacation to make it a meaningful one and so you will know how rewarding it is to earn your own money, if only for a little while now.

1. Cleaning service. – nobody likes doing household chores—unless they’re getting paid! This is a great idea to get you used in doing household chores. Think of it this way, you’re learning while you’re earning some money.


2. Computer tutor – if you’re somewhat techie and knows enough about computers to tutor younger kids on learning the basics and more advanced stuff about using the computer and the Internet, this would be the perfect job for you to do. You don’t even have to exert much effort because you’ll be teaching from your own stock knowledge.

3. Pet-sitting service – if you’ve experienced baby-sitting before, then this wouldn’t be too much of a new experience for you. A lot of families are going out on vacations nowadays because it’s the holidays, and most of the time, they can’t just bring their pets with them nor can they leave them unattended at home. Pet-sitting is fun and the pets are usually adorable. Just be sure to know the necessary information about the pet and you ask questions about possible risks before doing this.

4. Delivery service - you can work part-time at your mom or dad’s office as a messenger or do little errands for their officemates. You can also do it for your neighbors. It’s a great opportunity to use your skates or bike, and it’s so much fun going to different places doing a sort of favor for the neighbors.

5. Academic tutor – if you know you’re smart in more than one are, then don’t be afraid to share that knowledge. You can tutor the younger kids in your block or a friend’s kid sister or brother. If you’re very good at playing an instrument, you can widen your clientele to fellow teens and even adults.

6. Lots of older people or people that don't have enough time need someone to do chores. How about lawn mowing, weeding, painting.

Summer vacation should not only be about spending money and going to amusement parks and malls, and having parties all the time. You should also take it as an opportunity to develop yourself as an individual who will be an adult soon. Remember, learning shouldn’t stop just because school has.

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