Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Book IV Inheritance Cycle

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Does Book 4 have a name or book cover yet?
Book 4 does not have a name or book cover at this time. Any name or book cover found floating around on the internet is fake fan art. When the name and book covers are released, official announcements will be made on the official Inheritance Cycle website as well as here on Shur'tugal.

Does Book 4 have an official release date?
At this point in time, there is no official or unofficial release date for Book 4. Christopher Paolini is hard at work on Book 4. Any release dates you may encounter on the internet are fake.
Is Book 4 the final book in the Inheritance Cycle?
At this point in time, Christopher Paolini plans to end the Inheritance Cycle on the closing page of Book 4.

"Book 4 - What We Do Know" is a guide to all of the confirmed facts about Book 4. Please keep in mind that these are the only confirmed facts regarding Book 4 at this time.

The staff of Shur'tugal have put together a one-of-a-kind guide to the loose ends left by the events of Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr and can be used as a basis to remember and speculate about events and plot threads that need tying up and explaining in Book 4.



Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, any ideas on whats going to happen next. There was such a discussion on Brisingr, what do you think about Book IV?

Anonymous said...

I personally think that they will realize that they need the last egg so that it can hatch (my guess is that the rider is Elva I mean hello??? Saphira had an "urge" to put a dragon on her forehead and she has grown up so fast that she has to be a main character!!!) because Galbatorix has two dragons and all those Eldunari... But they may also search for more Eldunari... like an extremely powerful unfound one... I also think that Eragon's Truename will be found out... Galbatorix must have heard who his real father is, i mean they werent too secret about it!! I don't think all of these will happen in one book, but maybe some. I really think Elva is the rider though because otherwise she wouldn't have had such a major role!

Anonymous said...

I saw posted on another site a new theory for the title of book four. The first two books in the cycle (Eragon and Eldest) were both six letters long and started with the letter 'e'. Well, Brisingr destroyed that streak, but maybe volume four will likewise have eight letters and start with 'b'. After looking for words that fit this description, I believe that "Behemoth" is a fitting title. (1) The new rider could name his/her dragon the ancient language name for behemoth. (2) I assume the vault of souls is a behemoth location. (3) In the final confrontation between the Varden and the Empire, Eragon will have to defeat - or die trying - the evil behemoth known as Galbatorix and his leviathon dragon Shruikan. (4) Also, Eragon will visit Vroengard with Saphira as he promised which is rumored to have enormous and strange beasts (behemoths) located there.

Anonymous said...

i think that the vault of souls or whatever is going to have to have to do with the Eldunari

Anonymous said...

I agree, personally I think that it will be filled with hundreds of Eldunari.

Anonymous said...

I think Murtage is going to break away from Galbatorix somehow, but he might not join the Varden.

Anonymous said...

really well written! are you a professional author?