Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day

Recycle Your Computer for a Greener Tomorrow
April 22nd, 2008 will mark the 38th anniversary of the first Earth Day--April 22, 1970. For those of us old enough to remember, the first Earth Day was celebrated with spirited walks and demonstrations across our country, accompanied by promises to clean up the Earth. My first exposure to saving the environment was after reading Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. All of my friends walked the streets picking up litter and other debris. We were enthusiastic in our part to clean up the Earth. Over the years since, I have been a faithful recycler at home, separating paper trash from recyclable items, turning off lights when not in use, and keeping the heat to a minimum whenever possible during the winter months. But, back in the 70's, I didn't own even one computer, let alone several, and, like many of you, I'm now faced with the issue of what to do with old, out-of-date computers. It doesn't take a degree in environmental science to figure out that disposing of your old computer at the local dump is probably not the best idea. So, what to do? Well, here are some suggestions for those of you who, like me, remain passionate about preserving the Earth.

* Check with local non-profit groups in your community. Only good for computers with life left in them, charitable donations are a good way to give back to your community while taking care of Mother Earth. For profit, Staples in New Milford will take your old computer for $10.

* Check with your computer's manufacturer.
Many major manufacturers--Dell, Gateway, HP, and Apple for example--offer free or low-cost recycling programs.

* Check with your local environmental group. New Milford Recycling has special days to collect hazardous waste, which are posted well in advance.


Anonymous said...

We got rid of three monitors and two computers. Thanx

Book Looker said...

Anything to "save the earth"!!

Let's hear from the rest of you--
it's up to you!!