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Brisngr SEPTEMBER 20, 2008

For all Eragon fans, check out the cover art for the third volume of Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle. The book will be released on September 20th. The series will now be 4 books, instead of the originally planned 3


Anonymous said...

i cant w8 for this new book 2 cum out...kinda can any1 tell me wat the sneak peak thing was tellin u?

Val said...
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Book Looker said...

Not sure exactly what you are asking but here is some explanation by Wikipedia "Regarding the title, Paolini said, "'Brisingr' is one of the first words I thought of for this title, and it’s always felt right to me.” “As the first ancient-language word that Eragon learns, it has held particular significance for his legacy as a Dragon Rider. In this new book, it will be revealed to be even more meaningful than even Eragon could have known.”[1] "Brisingr" is an Ancient Language word meaning "fire", used to summon and control fire by magic-users in the series.

Luke said...

Maybe Brisingr is Eragon's true name

Book Looker said...

Luke, maybe you're right. Here's some thoughts to ponder:

Here are some things that must be resolved in Book III:

1. Eragon's dream where possibly he and another (female) rider hold hands underneath two flying dragons
2. Nasuada's mother- Who is she?
3.The weapon underneath the Menoa Tree's roots
4. The Rock of Kuthian and the Vault of Souls
5. The fate of the last dragon egg
6. The strange beasts of Vroengard
7.The reason Galbatorix lost half of his army in the Spine
8. The claimant of the Dwarven throne
9. Eragon's departure from Alagaësia
10. The seven words that Brom revealed to Eragon as he was dying (Possibly the name of the Ancient Language)
11. The fate of Roran (could also be the new Rider for they, Eragon, Roran, and Murtagh are related)
12. The Grey Folk
13. Eragon's true name
14. Saphira's mate
15. Selena's fortune, as foretold by Angela
16. Brom's words to Saphira when he thought he might die after the events in Teirm
17. Katrina's fate, along with the fate of Sloan, the Ra'zac and the Lethrblaka
18. Thorn's growth from hatchling to being able to breath fire in 3 to 4 months (Note: there is no proof to how long Eragon was being tutored by Oromis. It could be as little as a month, as much as ten months)
19. Eragon's epic romance, as foretold by Angela
20. Eragon obtaining a new sword after his was taken by Murtagh - although this could be the weapon under the Menoa tree or one of the swords rescued by elven family's from the Wyrdfell
21. The New Rider and his/her dragon
22. The fate of Oromis
23. The fate of Murtagh
24. The truth of the gods (what they really are)
25. Saphira's promise of repairing Isidar Mithrim.
26. Eragon's promise to return to the elves and his other promise to save Katrina with Roran.
27. Eragon's promise to lift his blessing/curse from Elva
28. How Glaedr was injured — speculation points to his knuckles belonging to Angela the herbalist/witch
29. How the Riders made Oromis The Cripple Who is Whole
30. What lies beyond the borders of Alagaësia
31. Murtagh's true name
32. Possibility of another sibling between Murtagh and Eragon as it is the Inheritance trilogy, also because Murtagh mentioned that the sword didn't belong to the youngest when he claimed it back as the Eldest so there could be a child who is in the middle, who could be the new Dragon Rider
33. The name of the ancient Language.
34. The identity of the blind beggar, the second person Solembum talked to - Speculated to be Morzan, could also be Oromis.
35. The fate of Orik - Speculated to become heir to the dwarven throne as Hrothgar named him thus when adopting him.
36. Truths about werecats and their mysterious abilities
37. Who the only other people who could beat Brom were.
38. The original Rider of Shruikan and whether or not Shruikan feels bonded to Galbatorix
39. It is heavily speculated that Shruikan will flee from Galbatorix's side and Galbatorix will ride a Lethrblaka instead.
40. How Thorn grew so fast, black magic?
41. Brom's history and many secrets
42. Possibility of Brom being Eragon's father. (Angela told Eragon that Brom loved a woman and it was his affection that was her undoing. The poem Blagden recited also suggests Eragon and Murtagh being only half-brothers.)

Palvi aka InuYoukai_Goddes/Magykrider said...

I cant wait till the book comes out! I thought that book was named Empire though.......Oh well! I luv Chris Paolini!

Anonymous said...

Alot of people thought the book was called Empire--not sure where that came from. I can't wait for the new book as well. It is a great series.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people thought that the book was called empire because of a couple of reason; the destruction of the empire; eragon controlling the empire; or an empire controlled by peasants or common folk. Truly no one knows but paolini hopefully he will create another extrodinairy masterpiece. Now I have to go pre-order the

Book looker said...

Alot of people are waiting with baited breath for the release of this new book!! I can't wait either

Anonymous said...

is there really four books now?

Hooked on Books said...

Isn't that exciting? Christopher Paolini does a nice video if you go to Brisnger at Amazon Books, explaining why it is now the Inheritance Cycle, not Trilogy.

Anonymous said...

I want to add something to the really long list...

Item # 37, these people could easily be the elves and Galbatorix.

How Galbatorix is getting stronger, speculation that killing other magic users, or perhaps non-magic users with a spell, allows for the killer to accept the deceased's bodily resources, or magic. Speculation based partially on the fact that Murtagh's mind seemed to have multiple consciousnesses "trying to get out" when Eragon touched his mind at the Burning plains, although could be spirits that just aren't as strong as him, so that he's not a Shade. Also based on the fact that Eragon going to the Vault of souls "when his power is insufficient" indicating that doing so will replenish his energy, according to the werecat.

Whether or not Jeod can use magic, if not very well.

Are there more Shades? It seems that since only a few have been killed all these millenia that they are there somewhere.

What color is Galbatorix's sword? (not crucial to plot, but nice to know)

A possibility for Galbatorix to be Eragon's father, the emperor should of been able to track down Selena if he had been commited, could he of let her go for fear she would tell that Eragon was his? Brom seems more likely...

May your swords stay sharp!

Anonymous said...

What a great addition to the list!! Something I have never thought about!!

Anonymous said...

How is it that Murtagh is so much stronger at using magic than Eragon? Eragon should be stronger since he is an elf.. Eragon got pwned in the last fight, so sad.

Anonymous said...

What i was extremely frustrated at was the fact that the book was so great and such a work of art, and that there movie was completely unrelated to the book. There were missing characters, locations and events missing in the movie. I was so disappointed and now I'm just wondering what they're going to do with the second book. Will they leave that sort of content out or squeeze it in. Such a real disappointment.Please share your comments.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

what a stupid topic that is on top of this.however the one on top of that is a very good one. i was also frustrated with this.

Anonymous said...

Nine times out of ten, the books are much better than the movies. For one, the movie would be way to long to include all of the details of the book. That might be why it is better to see the movie first and then read the book.

Anonymous said...

The title empire could have been derived from the 6 letter words that begin with e and from the speculation that the empire may fall in the coming days...

Anonymous said...

The only book that actually sticks to the book that I can think of is Harry Potter.
Brisngr is finally coming out soon. When I first read the book I thought it was only two books long.

Mariah said...

Booklooker, your second comment has some bad questions. First off, Eragon has no dream where he's holding hands with a female under dragons. Where'd that come from?
Secondly, #29 has part of an answer. He was resisting and they broke most of his connection to magic. But I think the other half has to do with him being an elf, them magical creatures, and his magical talent being badly depleted. #32 Eragon is the youngest! Murtagh is the eldest, which is the connection to the title, "Eldest". #35 Orik probably won't become Dwarf King because the heads of clans decide amongst themselves who becomes king, and you have to be a clan leader. But, if somebody besides Durgist Ignetium (I know it's wrong, but I don't know how to spell it)become king he will be clan leader.

Also, Paolini mentioned to that Eragon will meet a god.

Ever since I learned that the title was brisngr, and that Paolini said it has great meaning, I've thought that "brisngr" is Eragon's true name.

Mariah said...

I also forgot to mention that Eragon was exhausted, and that's why he was beaten my Murtagh. At first he was beating Murtagh but got tired.

Anonymous said...

I think Roran will become a Dragon Rider. He already wants revenge on the Empire and the Ra-zac.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if, in the end, Arya and Eragon get together (like Eragon hoped they would.) And if not Arya, who? Maybe Nausuada.

Anonymous said...

I also think that Roran will be the next rider. And I don´t think that Murtaggh will be forever evil. Maybe Galbatorix kills his dragon and then Murtagh kills him. In the end I think that Eragon and Arya gest together because in Angelas furtune she said that he would leave this country. Maybe he leave with Arya and goes to the country were the alfes comes from. Why he goes I don´t know. A possibly explanation could be that someone near to him dies. Maybe Saphira?...

andrea said...

I think that Murtagh will not be evil forever. He should turn good in the end. Eragon's one true enemy is Galbatorix.

Anonymous said...

Are the elves going to attack from the north still? Will the Varden be there to help and will Eragon get a weapon before then to fight with? Is the weapon under the Menoa Tree a rider sword or does it have a secret to it?

Anonymous said...

I have a thought, maybe silly maybe not but Angela hinted that Brom loved a woman and was the cause of that womans downfall: Could Brom be Eragons real father???
Another thought. Could Elva be the third rider???
Another thought. Could the weapon under the Menoa tree be the Sword that Brom Lost? or perhaps Ruenon renounces her vow and makes a weapon colored like saphiras scales.

Anonymous said...

I DEFINETLY think that the weapon under the Menoa Tree is Broms sword. Murtagh is NOT evil, he even tells Eragon that he was captured, but when Thorn hatched for him he was forced to swear oaths in the acient language. Eragon will find a way to break the oath and then Murtagh will fight with Eragon, or when the King dies, Murtagh will be free of the oaths to him cause hes dead.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who the female rider Eragon saw in his dream (in the first book)
is because the rider has to be on the vardens side or else eragon wouldn't have been holding hands with her but the last remaining dragon egg is in galbatoric's hands.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous that posted about Galbatorix's sword, Murtagh having control of spirits, possibility of there being shades hidden somewhere, etc.

Rhuenon (The elf smith) PROBABLY made the vow in the Ancient Language, as a matter of fact it is almost a certainty, so she cannot renounce her vow not to create weapons.

The same way that Brom promised the bird in the AL that he wouldn't hurt it, he couldn't of hurt it if he wanted to, she promised never to make a weapon again, she cannot make one.

Now she might make him an awesome suit of armor... but that's just speculation.

I will post about the female rider holding hands with Eragon another time... I am tired right now.

Anonymous said...

There is actually so much stuff that needs to be included in the last book that poalini desided to write 2 books, IT IS NOT THE END!!! (I think 3rd rider will be arya)

Kevin said...

Heres What I Think.

Roran will Become Emperor, Not Dragon Rider, And Not Both.
He Has Proved To Be A Capable Leader And The People Don't Want A Leader Who Will Live Forever

Arya or Vanir Will Become Next Rider Because It Would Take Too Long To Train A Human. More Likely Arya As Saphira Told eragon Thier Feelings Influence The Others. We Know The Green Dragon Is Male So If Arya Was Rider And Green Dragon and Saphira Mated, Then Arya Would Likely Start Liking Eragon, Therefore Aryas Prediction Will Come True.

Murtaghs Oath Can Be Undone. Eragon Will Remove Elvas Curse So It Might Be The Same Thing?? Not Sure About This One But Maybe Once Eragon Does The Vault Of Souls Thing (Look At Theory Below), Galbatorix Will Release Murtagh In Exchange For His Life.

Vault Of Souls Could Possibly Be Built By First Eragon. Then He Will Find Out His True Name, And It Will Be Useless Because Simply Saying Eragon Will Open It. Inside There Is A Bunch Of Souls Who Galbatorix And Murtagh Use Thier Power Which Explains How They Are So Strong. But Once He Opens It The Souls Will Go Free And They Will Be Weak. If They Kill Shruikan Galby Wont Have Much Power And Will Beg For His Life.

Weapon Under Menoa Tree. I Think It Is Broms Sword. There Are Only A Couple Of Rider Swords Left, And They Are Guarded By Elven Familys. I Think When Solumbum Says There Is A Weapon Beneath The Roots, I Don't Think He Meant It Literally. I Think It Is Broms Sword In The Hands Of a Family Descended From The Person In The Menoa Tree Or Whatever.

I Think That His Dream With the Dragons Is Him And Arya, The Man On Beach Is Roran or Murtagh, and The Dragons are Either Saphira And Greeny, Or Saphira And Thorn. They Are Going To Find Out What Lies Across The Sea, But According To Angela, Will Never Return =];).

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our little circle, all, I am the anonymous that thinks that Galbatorix is Eragon's father... (I don't really, no evidence whatsoever)

I will now take up the pen (or keyboard, whatever) and tell you what I think...

Where in Cyberspace is the rumour that the two persons walking onto the boat in Eragon's vision (look in the book, chapter "Deathwatch") are Eragon and Arya???? This is driving me insane at this point...

As a matter of fact, there is a likelyhood that the person on the beach is Eragon himself, has everyone forgotten Angela's fortunetelling prophecy? Eragon was to leave Alagaësia by boat! That scene strikes me as a foresight of Eragon's that portrays his own destiny.

Book Looker at least has acknowledged (in their first post) that it was only a possibility that it is Eragon walking with the female onto the boat, several people since posting seem to be dead certain that it's Eragon and Arya, again I ask, where did this originate?

Good for Mariah, they seem to see sense on this...

Where did the Idea that it is Brom's sword come from? Who said that Brom's Dragon was blue? Who is to say anything without reading the third and fourth books? (Ok, that isn't serious, but still...) People seem to be not going off of probability and going with whatever happens to worm it's way into their minds...

Tell you a more likely scenario for the weapon under the roots of the Menoa tree. Assuming that roots *might* mean "origins" or "Beginnings" then we go back to the story of the Menoa tree, which is narrated by Arya in the second book, in the story an elf woman stabs an elf man because she was jealous, then she runs to the tree and imbeds herself in it. Maybe she takes the weapon with her (we are not told what it is), and it gets carried in with her. This weapon cannot be Brom's sword, he was nowhere near old enough to have lent the elf woman his weapon, he was only a bit over 100 YO. Seem crazy? It meets more of the facts than the Brom's sword theory, and I think that both of them are totally whacko without hard back-up.

In short, I really don't like it when people make things up to entertain themselves based on nothing...

Sigh... you will not be convinced. This rant was totally useless. We shall see who is right on September 20.

The Mysterious Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I realized my last comment was a bit harsh, sorry that I got a bit gingery. I totally respect all of your guy's opinions, I just want y'all to think about it... and not listen to people who make things up.

The Mysterious Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I think that the elf smith will show eragon how to make a sword and teach him the secret words to make it unbreakable and probably teach him secrets no one else knows. just a guess.


Anonymous said...

k, one the seven words told him were words to help defend himself
two, murtaghs mind has multiple levels because galbatorix trapped spirits in their like a shade, but because murtagh is stronger than the spirits he can control them
three, if brom told the name of the ancient language to eragon, eragon could basically kill everyone that uses it, said so in book one
brisingr is ancient language name for fire, and thats not eragons true name
the weapon under the menoa tree might be the way to undo an oath (hint eragon gets a sword)
eragon was tired during the battle which makes me think that eragon could beat murtagh if he was 100%
and finally i cannot wait till the new book comes out

Anonymous said...

Every single one of you guys are retarded. The weapon underneath the Menoa tree was the gift Eragon recieved for the dragons during the Blood Oath celebration. THe huge tree was where the celebration took place. Correct me if Im wrong but I think that super strength and super speed like an elf is a sweet weapon. But seriously did you even read the book. Actually don't answer that you pitiful freshmen.

T said...

I dont think the ultimate weapon is the elf tranformation thing because the dragons said it was their gift to Eragon not the trees.Also it says that the weapon is under the tree

Jason said...

T is me i didnt guess a name and i accidentally pressed enter with t lol

Anonymous said...

so may people are guessing what happens in the next book, nobody know's for sure what's going to happen. It could all be craziness,who knows? Just wanted to point that out. Personnally I can't wait untill sept. 20th. The new book's probably going to be the best one yet.(yet again that could be craziness)There's so many unanswered questions.I can't believe there's going to be a 4th book (more suspense!) oh well I wrote way more than I wanted to.
Anyway, I can't wait untill the 20th, and stop assuming things. PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new anonymous. Well in this book they won't be a new dragon rider, thats not suppose to happen to book 4. Also has anyone noticed in eragon that saphira is predominantly looking left, while in eldest the dragon is looking straight on, and supposedly the cover of book 4 is a green dragon looking right. Well if left means someone that sides with the varden and straight is with Gallbatorix, then right must be the elves because they are the third major group in the story.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous that's above the one that's above this. Confusing? good.The anonymous who wrote above this has an interesting theory, but honestly the new dragon could be on anyone's side. It depends who it hatches for. Somebody said that the new rider might be Elva. I don't think so, but I wan't to know how Eragon breaks the curse on her. Didn't Eragon "bless" her in the ancient language? Maybe if Eragon can break the curse, Than The elf smith Reunon can break her vow and make Eragon a new blade. She probably won't, though. Eragon will just have to find a new sword.
One more thing. Murtagh. I just can't picture him evil. If Eragon can break the curse(wich he promised to do)Maybe Murtagh can break the vow. They could just get rid of Galbatorix, that would work to.:)

Anonymous said...

To all those who think Roran will be the next Rider, I respectfully disagree. We are forgetting that Saphira still has to find a mate and the only likely candidate is the remaining unhatched egg. Since the Riders are bonded to their dragons, the choice of a mate affects both of them, which suggests that the remaining dragon must be male and his Rider will be female and also Eragon's mate.

Ace said...

Hey everyone!! just wanted to point out, that in 'Deathwatch', 2 people, maybe man and woman, do board a ship together, as their described holding hands. of course I have no earthly ideas who they are, or where they're going. There is also a man on a beach. now that could be anyone from Murtagh to Roran. I have no idea. There's just some people saying this, and some saying that, so I just went to the book for an actual referance!

Also, someone said something about beast's of Vroengard, and I got wayy confused. What beast's of Vroengard? barely anything is mentioned abou the place in either book!

and in the two things that Solembum told Eragon, he said 'under the roots of the Menoa tree'. Under is the key word.
Of course, this is all mostly guessing from the book, and we'll all never know until the twentieth, at least for a few things.

Then there is the speculation of who the next rider will be, and also about the dragon.
Some people say Arya, Roran, Elva or Vanir will be the next rider.
It will most likely be someone we know from the first book. so, i do not think Vanir or Elva.
That leaves Arya and Roran.
I think, think, Roran will become king after galby dies/is defeated, and I personally do not think he will be a rider.
That leaves Arya. she is the only other person who is a main character who is from the 1st book and she's always been in both, almost at all times.

Then there was someone thinking there could be another sibling for Eragon and Murtagh. that is not a non-existent possibilitie, since nothing is impossible, but its unlikely. as someone said, one of the reason's the second book was called Eldest was because of Murtagh being well, the Eldest.

Also, about Brom being Eragon's father. at first, I thought it was absurd. That was when I first read the books. now, with some speculation, thats not a bad thought. We'll just have to find out.

and i'm dead certain Eragon would have been able to whoop Murtagh if he'd been energized.
I loved the way Chris Poalini did those last chapter's!
And I agree with many people when I say, I have a pretty good feeling Murtagh will not remain evil, if he is indeed so evil at the current rate. Though the way things went with him killing Hrothgar, thats unforgivable of him. The Dwarves will never foregt it, so that make Murtaghs situation a bit more unstable. and then we don't know how deep Eragon's deep down feeling's are for Murtagh anyways...

and! we've all kinda neglected Surda in our ponderings. what about King Orin? i'm sure he's going to have a large roll in Brisngr.

I think most people were expecting the next book to be 'Empire' b/c's of the six letter names of the first two, and it would start with an E.

Another thing. This is a question. Is there, anywhere, in the books that hinted the next dragon's color? and the cover of Brisngr has the picture of Glaedr that came with bk2.???I'm confused. Then again, I'm usually always confused.

And I wonder also... who will be the unfortunate character to be the victim of Christopher Paolini's briliant mind and face being unwritten from the pages they meet an unknown death for causes only Paolini knows?

We will soon learn...for the time is close at hand for Brisngr to be released!

I hope I didn't sound to annoying or whatever, I just wanted to say!
and last, the 20th couldn't be coming any slower.

Atra esterní ono thelduin/Mor'ranr lífa unin hjarta onr/Un du evarínya ono varda!
(May good fortune rule over you/Peace live in your hearts/And the stars watch over you!)

Sinead said...

1) I'm pretty certain that the next Rider will be Arya. The elves were the initial Riders and it doesn't really make sense for the elves to be looked over. As other people have mentioned, Saphira and the last dragon in the egg will most probably mate, and as the relationship between the dragons would affect the relationship between the Riders, it would be nice if it were Eragon and Arya.

2) I diasgree with the people who think Roran will be the next Rider. Instead, I think he will become king after Galbatorix. After all, the blood of kings runs in the people of Carvahall, and we already have ample evidence of Roran's ability to lead and deliver rousing speeches, as well as to win undying trust and loyalty from his followers.

3) The third spoiler posted is that a character in the book will become pregnant... My guess at the moment is that it will be Saphira.

4) It's not just the oath that Murtagh swore in the ancient language that keeps him bound to Galbatorix - it's the fact that Galbatorix knows the true names of both Murtagh and Thorn. I doubt that Eragon could find a way around this, like he can with the curse he placed on Elva. The only way I can see to break Galbatorix's control over the pair is for Galbatorix to die.

Hunter said...

I thing the significance of brisngr being fire is that maybe he learns to someone energy from fire or maybe thats whats under the Menoa tree but that would definitely give him a great advantage

Daniel Butler said...

Dont forget some of the things that were going to happen in the third book might happen in the fourth.....

Also Sinead i dont think its saphira seeing as dragons like non-fictional reptiles dont give live birth or get pregnant they lay eggs ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm new here and might not be able to find this website again - just so you know. People need to remember that Roran is a farmer. He will always want to go back to that and a doubt people will want a farmer for a king (anyway will he even want the job?). Plus everyone seems to assume that it is the next dragon that Saphira will mate with. Don't forget Thorn, people! there's also still the possibilty of wild dragons outside Alagaseia. As for the dream, I've always thought it happened in the past not the future, but maybe you guys are right. What I want to know is WHO is the god Eragon will meet - one of the dwarves or another one entirely? Another thing, I know this is almost impossible, but my friend thinks that Orik will be the next Dragon Rider. I think it will be Roran but Arya is possible to. As for the Vault of Souls, has anyone thought that it might be the place where your sould go after you die? Its just a thought.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ok i dont care what the heck happens as long as arya cuts it off with her not getting in a relationship with eragon. i mean what is her problem. i mean it is kinda annoying me. also i know this is totally contradicting my first pt but she has told him like a million times that she doesnt want to go with him. but he keeps trying. i mean he needs to find a new chick.
im hoping in this book that the new egg is owned by a good person or if not, i hope at least murtaugh will trun good.

Griznard said...

Just found out that the third book as a subtitle.

The Seven Promises of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular.

I know of only 3 promises off the top of my head.

Fixing the dwarf sapphire.
Returning to train more with the elves.
Undoing Elvas curse.

Anyone think of any other promises made?

Mariah said...

I don't think Roran will be the next rider because well, he was born what, 1000 years or so after that egg was laid? I mean think about it, unless like whoever was meant to be the dragon's master passes on his/her role when they die or have children, it's not likely of him becoming dragon rider. But if I know Paolini, he will find some brilliant and mind-boggling way to get around this!

5 DAYS!!!!

Keegan said...

remember all your guy's prediction may come in book 4

orik is not a bad guess
because it would be cool to have the 1st dwarf rider.

The possible kings could just be the riders all together.

eragon mentioned in book 1 he would be the king if he really had to
i am so exited
i read book 1 three times
and i read book 2 three times

Lt_Antman said...

Hey guys, i just wanted to leave an interesting note

it says that when eragon tried to touch murtag's mind he felt many different consciences.

I think that this may be the source of black magic, you pull others into your mind (like how oromis said would be absurd) but that way he would be able to draw upon their strength.

This may also be how Galbatorix is getting continuously stronger, because he has such a vast power source in Ura^baen.

Just a thought... just my speculation....

Anonymous said...

I got tired of reading all the comments... there is a lot of them... so hopefully I'm not repeating.

Anyways, as for speculation about he weapon under the menoa tree: could it be the original Eregon's sword? I don't remember if it explicitly mentions his sword being destroyed or anything...

Orion said...

ok a comment about the previous post, that is a good idea about the First eragon's sword being under the tree. The other books never specified who the elf was stabbed by the elf woman in the story of the menoa tree. it also doesnt say how long ago. maybe the elf man was in fact the first Eragon.

Also for the weapon, the key words are UNDER THE ROOTS not just UNDER, so it couldnt be the transformation.

If I'm not mistaken Eragon never became an elf, he inherited most of the charecteristics of an elf. The transformation only finished the changes that Eragon was going through do to being a rider.

For the Seven Promises, there was also the promise to Help Roran save Katrina, the Promise not to let the varden fall into chaos (made to Ajihad), the promise to kill Galbatorix, and I think that either he or saphira promised to save the dragon race.. but im not sure

The final Rider cant be a Dwarf because the Dwarfs were never in the spell that was made to end the war, humans were added at a later time, but dwarfs were not

for the "vision" that Eragon has towards the beginning of the book, it said that
"He watched as a group of people on proud horses approached a lonely river. Many had silver hair and carried tall lances. A strange, fair ship waited for them, shining under a bright moon. The figures slowly boarded the vessel; two of them, taller than the rest, walked arm in arm. Their faces were obscured by cowls, but he could tell that one was a woman. They stood on the deck of the ship and faced the shore. A man stood alone on the pebble beach, the only one who had not boarded the ship. He threw back his head and let out a long, aching cry. As it faded, the ship glided down the river, without a breeze or oars, out into the flat, empty land. The vision clouded, but just before it disappeared, Eragon glimpsed two dragons in the sky"
this says that there are two that were taller than the rest that got on the boat and one of them was female. if you were to say that one of them was Eragon then it would have to be another human female that rode with him.

I feel that more likely than not, either Nasuada or Orin becomes king/queen after Galbatorix is 'removed'. they both have experience and are good leaders. (i personally favor Orin as the king, the transitions would be easier)

Despite all of this Speculation, we will find out the answer to most of these qustions in just two days :D


Reaper said...

The post above me has a great point and i never thought of that before. Im going to go reread the chapter about Eragons dream right now because for some reason after the 5 times reading that book i cant remember that chapter. I dont think Orik is going to be the next rider either. Oromis said that dwarfs were not added the the bond the elves made with the dragons, as the humans were.

Anonymous said...

All these comments are great thoughts. There all getting me thinking about what incredible things Chris has put foreth in this book.

Personally, I think the weapon is either Brom's Sword, or the other Eragon (the first rider).

As for Arya and Eragon, my guess is they will hook up in the end.

Arya would make a great rider, and to agree with one of those other posts; if the last dragon turns out to be Arya's, maybe Saphira will mate with that dragon, which will create a bond between the two dragons, also creating a bond between Arya and Eragon.

I am really looking forward to the new book. I wish the 3rd and 4th were coming out together, then I wouldn't have to kill my self waiting for another year for the 4th book to come out.

Atra esterni ono thelduin/ Mor'ranr lifa unin hjarta onr/ Un du evarinya ono varda!

Anonymous said...

what is deathwatch is it a chapter in one of the books i've like read the books like 10 times but i have no clue about deathwatch and the dream your talking about?

Allan said...

I think selena is eragon and murtaghs mum.
Morzan - Murtagh
Brom - Eragon

I am so excited, Brisingr coming out tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

So Many Comments because the story is so good.

I am wondering about the next book #4 What Name will be chosen???

Saphira has held secrets from Eragon Since Broms passing. What is she hiding from her rider???

Anonymous said...

Wow, This is stupid. Ok murtagh is Eragons brother.And every one is saying broms there dad. when a whole chapter is devoted to Morzan being his father... lol
good books love them getting third one tommorrow...!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I really don't know much about the book Brinisgr, but I hope Arya is the next rider! I really can't believe that Murtagh is evil. Brisingr comes out today!!!! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

ok just to throw out a fun idea.

has anyone else noticed that the whole inheratence cycle kind of repeats the events in star wars episodes 4-6?

first eragon(or luke) finds an old wise man/ bummy hermit figure which is brom(or obi wan)

and the dragon riders were allbetrayed by the forsworn and galbatorix
just like thew jedi were bretrayed by the emporer and darth vader.

or like in the 2nd book eragon found out murtaugh was his brother and was now evil but he still felt he cud convert him.
well same thing happened in episode 5 which was the second old movie when luke found out that vader was his father.

and im sure u can all find alot of similar differences.

but with all that said if chris is really going along with this whole ancient fantasy dragon and swords and what not version of star wars then its a good bet that Galbatorix is Eragon's father.

so just think about that
chris is 24 years old so the old star wars movie did release around his time. so if u disagree feel free to leave a comment.

Anonymous said...


Brom is Eragons father!!!! It says so in Brisngr. Oh and Brisngr is the name of his new sword.

A lot of the stuff on 'the list' above wasn't answered so I assume they will be in book IV

Anonymous said...

Hi, new ananomous. Yeah, I kindof noticed that it followed starwars also. So, I was wondering if that would mean Galbotorix sacrificed himself to defeat a greater power. Could he possibly have dark spirits controlling him, like a shade.

Jason said...

The fact that the story follows Star Wars is not suprising as Star Wars was Mimicked from other sources as well. All Hero Quests follow the same basic guidlines Hero has different beginning. Hero finds something or learns something to give him a quest. Something happens that forces hero to take the quest. Hero finds teacher. Hero has challenges. Hero Meets friends. Hero has challenges with friends. Hero loses some friends and Hero has final confrontation.

You can even see other stories and authors that have influenced how Chris tells his story. Such as Tolkien and the bible. Just enjoy the story and how it is told.

I am enjoying this because with the familarities there still are twists that catch me off guard. And the story is paced marvelously.

Anonymous said...

Hey Spoiler... googleing this.
I don't mind but others might.

Anonymous said...

hey oh i couldn't read all of the blogs but how about this the elf that joined into the menoa tree has a weapon but it is not a physical weapon? it is infect knowlege of the Acient language. this might have been mentioned i only read the first 1/2.
My Idea is to be stolen by none(unless thought before in this blog)


Anonymous said...

the weapon under the menoa tree was brightsteel, which is fallen star(s). eragon takes it to rhunon to forge a new sword, which is called brisingr, unsurprisingly

Anonymous said...

amazing book!
lots of stuff that was unexpected!
but i was also kinda of bummed that it wasnt going to end in the third book

Vakimton said...

noo.. the third book isint the end... that means more mysteries still not solved.. well, that means another masterpiece to read! :)

Anonymous said...

you know that Eragon is the youngest an Murtagh is the oldest. then maybe Brisnger is the middle child between the two. that might be a link to the third book.

Anonymous said...

you know that Eragon is the youngest an Murtagh is the oldest. then maybe Brisnger is the middle child between the two. that might be a link to the third book.

Anonymous said...

Did the guy above me read nay of the other blogs ....... brisbger is the name of the sword!

Anyway i hope he doesn't take such a long time writing IV i almost gave up on Eragon on the gap between 2 and 3!

Mariah said...

OK. I have comments about the dream and a couple other things...

1. The dream says "people riding to a riverbank on fair horses." To me this is a total hint that they're elves because their horse are AWESOME.
2. The connection to Brisngr as the title is that Eragon's new sword's TRUE name is Brisngr.
3. (although I'm embarrassed to admit it) I almost cried when Oromis died cause Gleadr was so sad...
4. I always knew =D that Brom was probably Eragon's father since about 3 months ago.
5. THIS BOOK DOES NOT FOLLOW STAR WARS... STARWARS FOLLOWS THIS BOOK (just kidding) but yeah it so much better than starwars.

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

Anonymous said...

i havent read the new book yet but i hope eragon overcomes the curse the shade put on him since that was what made him unable to defeat murtagh... everyone seems to have forgotten this!

Anonymous said...

poster above me they removed the curse when the dragons transformed him.... did you even read eldest?

Anonymous said...

The last person is really in the past he loses the curse in eldest book two.

Has anyone heard the interview with C.P. and his editor Michelle Frie???
in it he hints that murtag is not the eldest child that Mutag and Eragon have an older sibling Wonderful!!!!

Also a discrepancy; During the vision/memory of Brom speaking to Eragon thru Saphira he is wearing his ring???? This was after they left Tierm where he sent his ring with a message to Adjihad as proof of his Identity. "WHOOPSIE!"

Anonymous said...

If the Inheritance cycle was being copied from the original Star Wars trilogy....Arya would be Eragon's sister. And this isn't a soap opera so that won't be happening.

Anonymous said...

OMG it finally came out i love the series and i just finished the 3rd i wont ruin it 4 yall but it was awesome and cant wait till the 4th...hurry up Paolini haha good job tho

Anonymous said...

The book was pretty cool and I thought the third book was the last book of the Inheritance.Eragon doesn't find any weapons under the Menoa Tree and only finds a very strong metal which he than mekes a new sword. All the things that was mentioned above hat had to be resolved in the book Brisngr actually was never resolved and might be resolved in the fourth book. The book was messed up and confusing. I woder if there is a fifth book. The book ended saying that Eragon needed help because he could not fight two dreagon riders by himself. He is waiting for the last dragon egg to hatch and wants to teacc the new dragon rider and convince him to help Eragon against Murtagh and Galbatorix. In the first book it said that if rider dies than the rider's dragon diestoo. But, when Oromis died Glaedr never died and that was part was really messed up.

Anonymous said...

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